Luis Wong. I make games and write about pop culture and technology.

Selected Games

Supercards - Perú Campeón

Project Supercards

Supercards - Perú Campeón (2018)

A card game about the Peruvian soccer team that qualified to a World Cup after 36 years.
Game Designer and Producer.

Plagio como cancha

Project Plagio

Plagio como cancha (2016)

A newsgame about a Presidential candidate who liked to cheat.
Game Designer and Producer.


Project Squares

Squares (2015)

A minimalistic puzzle action game about squares.


Project Chronobot

Chronobot (2015)

A self-cooperative local multiplayer game.
Finalist - Unite 2016 (Student Award)
Finalist - Ping (Student Award)
Finalist - Ludicious (Student Award)

My Lucky Day

Project Lucky

My Lucky Day (2015)

An art game on lottery

La Mordida

Project Mordida

La Mordida (2014)

A newsgame on Luis Suarez bite.
Game Designer and Producer